Thursday, January 13, 2011

Africa and other dreams

I am part of one of the coolest groups of ladies around. We call ourselves a book club. We happen to know that what we are is so much more than that, but willing to accept such a simple, trendy label. I have been blessed to be accepted into this circle for about five years now (you know, time runs together as we age...just ask Dr. Oz...but I digress...), and they are a highly unique set, intelligent, caring, strong, opinionated, generous, nonjudgemental. We some times hurt each others' feelings a bit, but, after a wee bit of time, the issue is resolved, forgotten, or put to bed, and we all remember why we love one another. We have witnessed each others' ups and downs, career changes, divorces, health crises, financial woes, and have each others' backs. I wouldn't allow any one to diss my book club sister, and I am certain we stand together on that issue. We know each others' hearts through the many stories we have read and discussed of lives unlike ours, and lives like ours too. We share large doses of tolerance with our sisters, as we all come from different faiths, different walks.

I give you the background, to say we have started a new tradition at our holiday party. The holiday party is not a time we discuss a specific book, but a gathering with food and drink where we just enjoy the fellowship. This past December, we gathered and answered non-bookish questions about ourselves and then the questions and their answers were presented to the group and everyone else guessed Who Said It? The answers were very revealing, as they showed the group a little about our dreams, and what we think about ourselves. I highly recommend you do this with the people you care about!

We learned what some of us wish we could be named...which drew enough laughter to send some of us running for the loo. We learned some of us have a thing for bald comment. I love hearing the answers to where people have always wanted to travel. It's very revealing to hear someone's unrealized I like to say, their Bucket List. My spot is southern Africa. I am sure I will travel there at some point in my life...I pray it will be on this side of eternity and I can help and love on little ones hurting there in some way. Where's your bucket spot? I'm sure it speaks volumes about your hopes too.

We should never forget what we dreamed when we were younger and not embittered by life and hardship. There is always time to achieve the impossible as long as you still have breath. Thank you my book club sisters for reminding me always of this, and lifting me up so I can reach the stars!