Saturday, January 3, 2015

You are so beautiful!

Hello again!
It is a new year with all its fresh hopes.  I love it!  How about you?

I went to the gym yesterday.  I have been fairly consistent with my visits, except for the weeks I was recovering from abdominal hernia surgery.  I was expecting a crowd, as it was JANUARY 2nd, and the start of the month with the most gym enrollments.  I was not disappointed.

Admittedly, I wanted to stay in bed, feeling sluggish, but, as always happens, once I got a few minutes into my routine, the "happy juice" started flowing, the endorphins, and I was feeling good, smiling at all the recipients of my improved mood.  I wasn't being stalkerish in my looking, although people watching anywhere is good fun, only keeping an eye out for my day's workout buddy, my daughter.

I'm going to be honest here, as usual, and say, I would wager most all of us check out the people around us working out.  You don't judge?  Good for you.  The rest of us notice who's super fit, who is overfit, who is somewhat, um, cuddly, who is just looking for a date, who is a regular, who is a Christmas and Easter attender, who is working hard, who is not there to sweat, etcetera...And we instinctively decide who we find appealing to our eyes.  I find fitness and people who care about their health attractive.  I like my husband's muscular arms, a LOT.  But, I saw many fit, unattractive people around me.  Not 'unattractive' because of any facial or physical anatomy, but because they had NO SMILE.

You may be rolling your eyes at me now.  You think, maybe, I am silly or cliché.  The lack of a pleasant expression really defined the appeal of the crowd around me.  No one wants to spend time with people who look miserable.  We often do, out of obligation or commitment.  However, we don't want to.  We want to interact with people who are uplifting, positive, people who are making the most of whatever their physique, or situation.  We all want to be encouraged.

There is a guy at my gym.  He may have multiple sclerosis like me.  I haven't asked him.  He walks with a cane sometimes, he staggers a bit, and slurs his words.  This guy is there 90% of the time I am, working hard, talking to everyone, smiling EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Before his illness hobbled him, most wouldn't have judged him attractive.  But, he has joy, and that is his undeniable appeal.

13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13